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Friday, June 8, 2012


Hope is the encouragement that gets you out of bed when all you really want to do is burrow under the blanket instead

Hope sees positive Change when the situation looks despairingly bleak; When needed most it provides strength when you are weak.

Hope is seen in a child's eyes, it's 'wonder of the possible' --- that takes the naysayers by surprise.

Hope is leaders who pursue progressive responsible change, not defending an ineffective status quo; Going beyond complacency towards new frontiers of opportunity where many dared not go.

Hope is common sense solutions to challenges facing the nation: Deficit; Energy; and Education.

For we are not a people that do wail as victims of circumstances nor do we quit; We live our destiny; rising up and putting on our strength which is responsibility.

When a crippling financial crisis ravished the land, Hope's cry resonated from businesses and individuals saying , "Yes, We Can!"

For out of many, we are one. We are Democrats and Republicans; Conservatives and Liberals; Christians, Moslems, and Atheists too. We are the United States of America.

Hope is You.

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